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Key Factors For A Successful Interview

Researching the Organization

It is very important to research and identify as much information as possible about the selected IT organization and the desired information technology position. Obtain as much corporate literature including job descriptions and even an organizational chart to help in the preparation process. Information is power and the more information you have, the more powerful you can be in the interview.

Reviewing Anticipated Questions

To prepare yourself for any possible questions you may encounter during an interview, check out the list of 30 questions employers ask provided on this web site. This exercise will help you organize your thoughts and develop appropriate responses that will communicate enthusiasm and show the interviewer your interest in the position. Get “psyched up” for the interview and feel comfortable with your answers. Be prepared for technical interview questions. Review your resume, know what the employer is focusing on, and be prepared to discuss all of your technical skills in detail. Take the time and complete a thorough preparation for an interview. It will help calm your nerves!

Body Language and Presentation

In addition to having good responses to questions, you need to be aware of such things as posture and the non-verbal aspect of your presentation.

Elements you should incorporate into your interview techniques:

  • Maintain good eye contact
  • Always smile and be congenial
  • Be positive about yourself, past employers and the future
  • Make sure the interviewer knows you are excited about the position and the organization

Some things you should avoid in an interview:

  • Answers that are too short or answers that are too long
  • More detail or information than is necessary
  • Becoming frustrated or uneasy when asked stressful questions
  • Making derogatory or negative statements about previous employers
  • Frequently touching your mouth or biting your nails
  • Folding or crossing your arms frequently
  • Swinging your foot or leg
  • Discussions regarding politics, religion and company problems